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How do you manage grown out roots when you don’t have time to have your hair colored?

July 02, 2012 By: manager Category: Blonde Hair Colors, blonde hilites, hilites

balayage highlighting at Indulge Salon of York PA

balayage highlighting at Indulge Salon of York PA

If you have ever reached the point that it is hard to maintain your grown out roots (regrowth) every four weeks then maybe you should consider some different types of highlighting such as the french Balayage technique that originated in France. This technique is done artistically and beautifully with a pallete of color to make the regrowth at the scalp look like your hair was kissed by the sun. While the ends are lighter because of color over color, we can manage that by enhancing the bottom with perhaps some ombre lowlights to minimize the brightness and tone then adding some lighteness to the top with the hair painting that only we at Indulge, A Color salon 180 from Ordinary can do.

We have training programs that we teach a consistent french hair painting technique that takes some skill and a keen eye for the artistry to know where to place the brush and the angle in which the hair will lay. The results are spectacular and the color lasts longer than if you would do the retouch every four weeks which certainly grows out with a line. The Balayage technique does not grow out in a line but a beautiful natural approach like your natural hair grows.