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Can a good shampoo lighten your hilites?

June 17, 2011 By: manager Category: Blonde Hair Colors, blonde hilites, french haircutting, hilites, Well Water

I just ran across a situation today at the salon. I was performing a training with some

newer staff members with our shampoo process. As I was educating a client and staff

on how much shampoo to use, where to apply the shampoo first besides the habitual

top of the head glob, I learned that most people do not apply shampoo properly, nor

do they know where to put it first. So let’s do some education for all of you to help you

increase the volume of your hair, cleaner hair and scalp and overall better condition

of the hair by proper system of shampooing.

1. wet the hair first. If you have well water let the water run 5 minutes before putting

your hair under the water. This will allow the metals and any chemicals in the water

run out first then you will not have to worry about the well water build up.

2. pour the shampoo into your hand about a quarter size. rub the shampoo between your hands to break up the product then apply to

3. your mid lengths and ends first then your scalp. start rubbing in circles and moving the shampoo around towards your hairline. The hairline captures the salt, sweat and anything yucky that might be left into the hair for days. Hair will smell if not washed properly or often enough. Feel free to shampoo your hair every day.

4. rinse thoroughly. Add a quarter of conditioner to the mid lengths and ends. You do not need conditioner on the scalp. This is the healthiest area of your hair. Let on for 3 minutes while you wash your body.

5. squeeze out the water. When you are ready to hop out of the shower, towel blot until you don’t have much water left in the hair. Apply your leave in treatment or product asap so the he product will dry with the product in the hair. If to much water is left in the hair, it will weight dowb the hair.

Note: if you do not wash your hair frequently or two washes per shampoo session, the hair will tend to look dull and not as vibrant as when you had it colored. the sweat will turn the hair color to a yellow dull look. Smoke, sweat can build up on the hair by coating it. The sweat glands produce the natural moisturizer that will build up.

Keep shampooing! This will keep your hair brighter and healthier

Hair lighteners and the effects of well water

May 02, 2011 By: manager Category: blonde hilites, hilites, shampoo, Well Water

Did you know that well water can have adverse effects on the hair when in direct contact with salon lightener or box  color? Let me share with you some of the possible effects…

a. hair can swell up and break off or fall right off the head leaving a bald spot

b. hair may not grow back

c. it acts like an instant burn the instant the lightener mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied to non pre-washed hair

d. hair could chemically start getting hot to the touch  inside a foil packet while hiliting.Instantly, hot to the touch. 

Largely depending on the amounts of magnesium, sulfates, calcium and iron in the well water that comes directly from the ground and its sources, the well water can be really good for the skin or smell like rotten eggs. Yuk! It has been my personal experience in the salon that if hair is unwashed and is still has well water layered onto it over the weeks from constant washing and rinsing the hair, the hair will process quickly and may tend to be hot on the scalp. We recommend that the hair be shampooed prior to any chemical service to prevent the burning or hot feeling on the scalp and to protect the hair. We have seen what the combination can be like which was unexpected. This happened about 15 years ago to a client that was unaware and so was the stylist at the time. It is imperative that you tell the stylist what type of water you have been drinking or washing in.

A recommendation after all of the education consumed in learning about the effects of well water would be to let your water run at least five minutes prior to hopping in the shower. This brings all of the minerals through the metal pipes and flushes them out and lets the fresh water run through. Most homes are now built with PVC plastic type of drainage that prevents build up of minerals. Also, to prevent an over abundance of minerals flowing directly onto the top of your head, start washing your body first then wash your hair.

Before your hair treatment at the salon, let your stylist know that you have well water or city water so that damage could be prevented. We carry Pureology shampoo called Purify that will cleanse and rid your hair of mineral residue. Use this twice a week and it will break down the built up. Try to stay away from the drying shampoo’s. Always use an appropriate conditioner to detangle your hair.