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Can I have a Keratin Smoothing treatment after my color?

March 23, 2011 By: admin Category: Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Of course you can! Brazilian Blowout has been a sore subject amongst many salon professionals

and consumers. Due to the highly publicized information of misuse of the

products by salon owners, the mistakes in testing containers, and the general

knowledge the company has really taken a hit. Unfortunately, the company

said that their is no formadehyde in the product. The testing facility said it did.

Who do you believe? The testing facility had many smoothing and relaxing

treatments in their testing area and the assistant touched the containers which

caused a lot of legal problems for the testing facility then in turn caused problems

for the Brazilian Blowout Company. All in all, the FDA says that if their are

traces of formadehyde in the product that less than 2% you do not have to

report this to the general public. We have more formadehyde in our skin care

products in drug stores, grocery stores, etc. It actually will preserve products.

So the company had less than .0002 of traces. They reformulated and their

are absolutely 0 traces of formadehyde. We have used the orginally formuala

and the new one. We do not see a change in results. We will continue to use

this amazing product. With that being said, you can use this safe product on

colored hair.

I have been using all types of relaxers, straighteners, ammonia

type of smoothing straighteners, Keratin treatments and found that the Brazilian

blowout is by far the best treatment we have experienced. This treatment is

loaded with acai berry super nutrient complex ingredients that surround the

hair shaft and actually protects it. We have been performing these treatments

to the fullest by applying this treatment after a hair color service. ALL of the

clients we have encountered said their hair color has lasted longer and they

do not start to see the frizzy or “puffiness” that comes with this type of hair

until the treatment starts to wear off in 8-12 weeks. We totally support the

product because of the fantastic smoothing results we have achieved. Not all

salons are the same. We go to any length to know the information required to

give the best results. Essentially all of of staff are trained to perform the services

and are certified by Brazilian Blowout and our own in house training that I


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