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Best Blond Hair Color in York

When we ask our York, PA clients what they like about our hair salon, it always boils down to attention to detail and good old fashion customer service.

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Hi. I’m Kimberly, and I’d like to share with you some of the more common questions we get about blonde hair coloring and how we correct common blonde hair coloring problems. If your question isn’t answered here, be sure to give us a call today!

FAQs about Blonde Hair Coloring

How do you get your blonde the right blonde without the orange brassy tones?
You have come to the right salon. Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary specializes in correcting brassy orange tones in the hair to beautiful creamy blonde sexy hair.

When you call for an appointment, our friendly front desk coordinators will schedule you for a color analysis to consult with you as to where your current color is, the texture of your hair and the existing color and where you want to be. We have been performing miracles for blondes for 24 years. We have experienced green, purple, well water and an array of horrific color challenges that have turned into magnificent sandy golden blondes. We will provide to you a prescription of the color services that are available to you and what your best options to get to the perfect blonde for you, your skin and the lightening that you work in.

We have a collection of Signature blonde hair color exclusive to Indulge Salon. Just to name a few are:

  • Beach Bunny
  • Blonde Goddess
  • Butterscotch Blonde
  • Cowgirl Blonde
  • Platinum Diva
  • Brazilian Blonde
  • Honeysuckle Blonde
  • Ice Age Blonde
  • Pure Platinum
  • Temptress
See testimonial from Kristine, Interior Designer, Harrisburg, PA
Kimberly is a GOD! She has saved my hair in many ways. She has fixed my blonde color to look natural and shiny, she gives me cuts that are perfect for my face shape, and she teaches me how to care for my hair. My hair is in the best shape it has ever been! I have lived in California and Arizona and have never found someone with the talent and passion that Kimberly has for her craft (and clients). I recommend Kimberly to everyone who compliments me on my hair (and that's alot of people!) 😀

Added: April 19, 2010

See our menu of blonde choices to choose from here.

All of our blondes have dimension with multiple tones and we prevent fading by following up with a specific tone that closes the hair down to protect it. Again, we have exclusive products that will enhance the condition and protection of the hair.

After the hair coloring experience, our stylists will educate you on how to care for your hair at home with the specific product recommendations.

Our stylists will discuss with you the highlighting options that will benefit your look or feel that you are desiring. We recommend that you bring some photos along with you to help us get to know what you want. Some of the highlighting techniques are called:

  • Balyage – a French hair painting technique that was taught to our experts from an artist from France
  • Block Color – used for specific areas for boldness
  • Las Vegas highlights – technique specifically created for interest with dimensional color

What if you have well water or minerals in the water ?
Did you know that the water you wash your hair in can coat the hair and make your hair color fade out quickly. Well water can prevent your hair color from penetrating the hair to give you the maximum color tone that lasts.

Did you know that well water can have long term effects that make your hair act like its bleached when it really isn’t? This effect can actually melt your hair and cause burns to the scalp if not addressed prior to hair color application. Please advise the stylist of your water.

Testimonial from Lynda Folk, York, PA
Hello, I would like to share a little story with you on how I found myself having a wonderful experience at the Indulge Salon on S. George Street. I was at my local drug store when I was approached by a woman. She asked if I was happy with my hair. She told me if I came to her Salon she would make me love my hair all over again. I took her business card and went home. I looked in my mirror and I had to admit to myself that I did hate my hair. I was a bleach blonde from a box. I'm talking banana yellow. I did not know what to do with it. I thought I would just have to cut it all off one day. I went in to Indulge Salon and Heather and a few other girls greated me with open arms. Heather worked with me all day. I felt so at home at this Salon. The owner Kimberly made sure every thing went perfect. Everyone there is so professional. They talked to me and made sure I was 100happy. Well I was 200happy. Heather worked so very hard and did an WONDERFUL job. I even made a few friends with some of the other customers. Men and woman came in to the salon all day and everyone came and left with a smile. Well I'm no longer a banana blond. I have a head full of beautiful brown and blond tones and a great new style. I truely recommend you let One of the Indulge Salons Indulge you. You will love it just as I did! Thank you Kimberly and Heather for all your hard work!! I want to also thank your whole staff. Everyone there was just wonderful! I will see you all again very soon! Thanks so very much!!

Added: Sept. 2, 2009

What if you take medication? Does this affect my color?
Medications go into your body, your cells and then move through your bloodstream then come out through your hair, skin and nails. The medication will either cause the physical hair to thin out or thicken at different phases of the medication treatment. Please advise your stylist of any and all medications that are taken and when they were started and stopped.

Box color fiasco?
If you have used box color and are starting to maintain a yellow banana flavor to the hair and its getting a little bit “strawish” then it’s time to visit the salon for a professional service. Read this testimonial:

Testimonial from Andrea, Etters, PA
Ladies..stay away from the box color... it will not look like the picture on the cover. Loreal will never do what it says it can. If you want blonde hair, go see Heather on George Street, she will make your hair very very blonde. She will ensure your hair color looks great before you leave and that you are happy with it. Give her a call. When you think you can try the box because you want to be a * * * blonde, DONT DO IT!! Call Indulge and ask for Heather.

What if I have a water softener?
Hair can seem pretty soft after the hardened water is softened and more lathering to a point it may feel slimy. We will treat your hair prior to color application.

Are color shampoos ok to use on my hair? How often am I allowed to use colored shampoos?
These are great questions for blondes to be asking our stylists. Our recommendation is to bring a few things to your appointment:

  1. photos of your favorite blondes
  2. any medications that you are currently taking
  3. well water or city water
  4. photos of your haircut that you are interested in achieving

Being blonde means commitment every month to maintaining your hair from retouch ¼” every four weeks to highlights every eight weeks. A great way to maintain your best blondeing service is to schedule every 4 weeks. Three week schedule is great if you are a fast grower and your re-growth is dark. Anytime you have blonde next to really dark hair it will appear even darker.

If you have a beauty budget please mention this to our stylists. We are happy to work within your budget if necessary.

During our consultation, we will give you some of the best ideas to enhance your skin tone with the best blonde options to suit the season and your skin tone. More often than not, we will blend several shades together to create a beautiful combination of tones that will be more enhanced in different shades of lighting either indoors or outdoors.

We look forward to a new experience for you!

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